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Remote Control from Homematic

Feature requests / enhancements discussion regarding the web interface

Remote Control from Homematic   

Postby hhoefi » Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:54 pm


first off all, i want to thank you for this wonderful Project.

Now my Problem ;)

I want to connect/control the wdlxtv box from my Homematic CCU1 Server (thats a Home Automation System - switch Lights, power sockets and so on.
To control this stuff there is a nice Ipad Application (Casalive). They include a lot of stuff like my Onkyo Receiver, my Dreambox.

Now i want to connect all this things.

My Problem:
- The wdlxtv web-inface sends the command to /tmp/ir_injection over /var/www/addons/remote/index.php.
And in this index.php is a POST Variable - so i cant integrate the "button" value into the url.
Also this is on RO Filesystem .. so i cant change or integrate a new php programm that accepts values from url.
- The Homematic can not do a telnet, nor i found a binary for this very,very small Linux (some kind of busybox).

So i tried a javascript programm (running on the homematic) - doing a XMLHttpRequest - but this Method does not accept remote connection (i think a security issue)

So i have no clue what do to - the simplest way i think would be some php scripts.
wdlxtv is not open source -am i right ? - because i would have no fear to build a "new" version for me ... ;)

Do you have any suggestions who to solve this issue ?

thx a lot
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Re: Remote Control from Homematic   

Postby mad_ady » Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:11 pm

If POST doesn't work for you, you can edit the webend page to accept GET requests (or create your own page to accept IR commands). Assuming that you know what/how to edit, here is how you can integrate it with the firmware (without rebuilding a whole firmware):
Option 1: Use an ext3 firmware instead of a flashed firmware. This way you will have a RW filesystem and can tweak anything, but the cost is you will need to always have a USB disk plugged in so that the WDTV can boot from it. Details here:
Option 2: If you only want to do a small change (e.g. change one php file in the webend), you can override any file with the "mount -o bind" command. For example, let's say the file you want to override is /var/www/webend/test.php and you want to replace it with /conf/test.php. The command you would run would be :
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mount -o bind /conf/test.php /var/www/webend/test.php

You could use a S99user-script to run that command on each startup and you would have your changes while running.


P.S. To set the record straight, wdlxtv is open-source. At least the parts contributed by the community are. There are some closed source binaries (such as the OSD) that come from WD, so it's not fully open source...
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Re: Remote Control from Homematic   

Postby recliq » Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:20 am

Option 3: use telnet
If your HAS supports telnet you can telnet to wdtv and inject the codes directly:
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echo p > /tmp/ir_injection
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Re: Remote Control from Homematic   

Postby hhoefi » Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:26 am

Hi mad_ady

The only Thing i had to do was change "POST" to "GET" in the /var/www/addons/remote/index.php

Now i can switch with the Param in the URL like ""

works great ! awesome ...

thank you so much !

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