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YouTube Movies? 4.2.6+ issue??

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YouTube Movies? 4.2.6+ issue??   

Postby shunte » Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:06 pm

YouTube recently added/exposed movies to their main site

Mostly pretty cheesy stuff but the odd gem ;)

I favorite[d] a couple of movies and was able to watch full length features last week without any problems

Having upgraded to 4.2.6 I can no longer watch this content, video attempts to play then the Related Video screen is displayed

Videos play fine through a browser, they are proceeded by a short ad but I'm sure this was the case last week too.

Standard YouTube still works just fine

Just wondering if anyone else has tried this and is experiencing the same issues

When I have some time I'll backout to 4.2.2 and see if there's a connection with the fw update
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