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FAQ: How to identify which version is for you

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FAQ: How to identify which version is for you   

Postby » Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:51 am

WDLXTV_G1 is for the original WD TV HD

WDLXTV_G2 is for the WD TV HD Gen2

WDLXTV_LIVE is for the WDTV Live - NOT the GEN3

WDLXTV_PLUS is for the WDTV Live+

Flash = flashable version
Ext3-boot = disk-based version (requires to have any version of WDLXTV already flashed)

WDLXTV's can be based on any number of official firmware. The first section is the official baseFW.
means the firmware is based off official firmware 1.02.21.

For specific differences between official bases see here
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